Wow, do I have a story for you. You know that whole IG vs. reality stuff? Well these photos do not even begin to cover it . . .

I mean, I look warm here, right? Kinda? We shot these photos right when TX was literally turning into the North Pole (ok, for me, that’s the equivalent of 40 degrees). I WAS SO COLD, shivering, screaming, etc. Also, you can’t see my cupping marks. Or the fact that I was being really careful in these shoes cause of my leg injury that I’m currently doing PT for.

Or the fact that someone on IG sent me a bunch of angry messages last night accusing me of stealing their whole platform because I used the word ‘dupe’ and am a part of the same affiliate network they are LOL.

My point here is this: I know things may always look fine + dandy on IG and because of that you might start beating yourself up for not having one of those ‘perfect’ lives, but the truth is, NOTHING IS EVER 100% OKAY and that is TOTALLY OKAY.

I find myself struggling with this stuff all the time–so that’s why I always try to keep it OG around here.

Wearing F21 set, mini bag via SHOPBOP and mules by The Style Union (get them HERE)



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