Taking the Time

Is it just me or is it completely INSANE that Christmas is only days away now? I mean, WHERE DID THE TIME GO?

If you’re anything like me, A. you’re not the best at gift giving and B. you haven’t even started shopping yet. YUP. Not a great position to find yourself in.

But let’s face it, not everyone has the miracle Christmas shopping gene–if you feel like this is you, keep on reading.

I feel like when it comes to getting your loved ones a little something for the holiday, a watch is seriously something you can NEVER go wrong with. Since there’s SO many different types and styles out there, it’s always best to go for something a little more unique with timeless, classic style. Something that’s chic, yet eclectic + shows the person how well you know them.

If you’re wondering where I’m going with this, a JORD Watch is the ultimate gift to give (may have already got the husband one) this season. They’re made of 100% natural wood (hey unique factor!) and come in a variety of styles + shapes. I’m wearing the Cassia HEREbut seriously, they have women’s STYLES and WATCHES that are perfect for your dad, brother, etc.

I hope this helps next time you’re racking your brain about the perfect gift! I know I’m definitely feeling a little more prepared now. What’s more–*drumroll*–if you purchase a watch through my special LINK, you’ll save 25% off your order! AKA more $$ for you to buy yourself a little something also.

Wooden Wrist Watch


This post in in partnership with JORD Watches. All opinions expressed are my own.

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