A few weeks ago, after sitting at my desk + contemplating buying things I can’t necessarily afford, I started browsing through Amazon. I had obviously heard of people buying amazing things on the site before, but I had yet to have any remarkable experiences myself.

Let me preface this by saying that my husband’s Amazon Prime account is one of my FAVORITE things I’ve inherited in our marriage thus far. LOL, but seriously, jump on the Amazon bandwagon with me, you will not regret it whatsoever.

If there’s anything to know about Amazon, it’s that you can find LITERALLY ANYTHING you’re looking for on here. ANYTHING, really. I’ve scored everything from a pair of genuine leather loafers that look identical to their Gucci counterpart (yet only cost me $49) to perfectly fitted day dresses that remind me so much of the ones sold at Reformation.

Because of all of your questions (I LOVE this–keep asking me!), I’m linking everything I’ve bought on Amazon thus far + giving y’all a few tips that have helped me find some of my favorite items.



  1. Include the word ‘fashion’ in your searches. I found my waist bag (it was $17!) after typing “fashion waist belt” into the search bar.
  2. READ REVIEWS. I cannot stress this enough–Amazon isn’t all great buys. Look for images of the actual items posted by previous buyers + use that as your deciding factor.
  3. BE PRIME. When I order, I tend to only choose Prime items because A. I’m impatient and B. Prime items are usually the best buys.
  4. Don’t be wary of long shipping. There are some items (my loafers/dresses) that ship from China that are actually worth the wait. If you’re willing to wait the 1 month downtime, ARCTIC CUBIC is my favorite shop with insanely gorgeous pieces. Just make sure and utilize the size charts!

Shop my favorite buys below 🙂

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