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Wearing T by Alexander Wang top and Missoni skirt (All from Poshmark!)

I know I’ve been deviating away from my usual blog posting schedule. I hate to say this, but work is KILLING me. Really to the point that I even miss out on my regularly scheduled blog posting periods. It’s a sad, sad world out there–sorry for the melodrama, just feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment.

In order to lighten up the mood, I want to talk about something important. Fun fact: I NEVER pay full retail price for my designer clothing. NEVER.

From my Celine sunnies to this get-up, all my designer pieces are either purchased at stores like TJ Maxx, found on eBay or through Poshmark.

While for a long period Poshmark was simply a way for me to not feel so guilty about adding to my closet, it’s now so much more. I will admit that it’s quite a hunt sometimes, but if insomnia gets you down, put yourself to good use late at night (like I do, obviously) and browse through some of your favorite designers on the app.

I scored this brand new T by Alexander Wang top for $25. My Missoni (nope–not the cheaper line!) skirt was $30.

If you’re feeling ready to take Posh by storm, here are my tips:

  1. Filter by your size (to an extent). While some people like to only see the size that fits them like a glove when browsing, I include one size up and one size down so I won’t miss a thing! Sometimes, it’s even worked in my favor.
  2. Be consistent. In order to find the good stuff, you gotta browse often. Sometimes I search looking for gold and end up with nothing. Other times, I’m incredibly lucky. You just have to see what’s out there.
  3. Brands brands brands. Make sure and use the ‘like’ button to give the brands you’re passionate about some love. This makes the whole browsing for gold thing so much easier.

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