New Year, Same Waistbelt

H A P P Y 2018!

Is it just me or did that happen FAST? I mean, I feel like just yesterday it was September or something. Oh, well. It’s a new year + I’m really excited to keep sharing content with y’all and to see where time will take me/this blog. I spent NYE cuddled up with my husband + our dogs playing Bananagrams and drinking wine. Quite an idea situation if you ask me. I hope your NYE was magical.

Now, let’s talk about this outfit.

Waist bags may have been a 2018 thing, but I’m still FEELING them hard (that sounded weird). Nothing elevates a pair of baggy trousers like a little waist cincher that can hold all your shit (including your giant iPhone 8). My sweater and bag are courtesy of my Amazon page. You can shop all the stuff I ramble on about at the top of my sidebar or just click HERE

I’m currently sipping on a Matcha Horchata + am in serious denial that I go back to the office tomorrow. LIKE WHY? UGH. The last almost 3 weeks off have been magical.



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