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Oddly enough, my hair is one of the main things that I get questions about the most. Why do I think this is weird?

Well, mainly because when it comes to my hair, I like to keep things as low maintenance as possible. And by low, I mean LOW.

Believe it or not, I’m one of those “1..2..3….curl & let’s go buy iced coffee” people. Of course, things weren’t always this simple.

I was pretty much born with clown wig curly hair. For about as long as I can recall, I rebelled against it to the point of terrible split ends, and yes, that god awful ‘I overused the straightener’ pin straight hair. Ah. Even thinking about those pictures from middle school that are hiding at my parents’ house somewhere makes me CRINGE. YIKES.

After that phase, I started embracing the curl only to find that it decided to book a trip to Africa and NEVER come back the same way. Then came the teal, purple and pink hair dye—then the fake auburn look, and then one day, I was just TIRED of everything.

So I cut my hair to just below my ears and here we are today: 100% hair color free with some strange straight-wavy locks. And tbh, I’ve never been happier or more low maintenance.

My routine consists of a good wash and arguably one of the best inventions out there: a curling wand. I used to be a little wary of these, mostly because I’m a total clutz & pictured burnt fingers all over the place, but as I’ve adjusted, I will NEVER use a curling iron again.

My particular favorite is the adjustable barrel curling wand by HSI Professional. It comes with 4 different sizes of barrels, meaning if you decide to chop all of your hair off one day or have it longer than life, the same tool will still work for you.

I used a curling iron forever and tbh, I’m OVER it. Curling wands were made to give you those perfectly undone, French girl at the beach waves. AHHH. I’m so happy that I made the switch.

If you’re feeling like it’s time to say goodbye to your curling iron, use my code STYLISHSOUL40 for 40% your order on HSI Professional’s site.

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This post is in partnership with HSI Professional. All opinions expressed about the products are my own.

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