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While I had been planning on sharing an outfit today, as I’m sure you already know–my wedding photos are here, and I JUST CAN’T! Looking through these, I’m like damn, can I have another wedding please? EVERYTHING WENT BY SO FAST. I feel like I tried my best to savour things, but I blinked and there I was at 2am on my wedding night, sitting in our hotel bed whilst I heard Wayo vomiting in the shower (LOL sorry, love ya!–too many shots y’all). To say “OMG this was the most perfect day ever!” like most brides do–yeah, that’s just NOT me. While this was definitely one of the most special days of my life + I will treasure/savour it forever, it wasn’t perfect AT ALL.

But in a way, I feel like that kind of sums up my life, so in some strange sense, all the hiccups we had along the way made everything feel just a little more ‘US.’ I originally wanted to give y’all a bunch of details, but hey, I think the timeline of these photos speaks for itself.

What I will say is this: our wedding happened to be the SAME weekend as Hurricane Harvey. YUP. While South Texas dodged the storm + the sun shined on our big day, it was a little hard knowing that on one of the happiest days of our lives, there were thousands of people fighting for theirs.

In terms of drama, the hotel we booked for our party decided to give away all of our guests’ rooms (including my bridal suite that WE HAD PAID FOR IN FULL weeks before) to evacuees (not from the areas that were affected by the storm I might add) WITHOUT TELLING US. Yep, I had guests left and right who had traveled far and wide getting into arguments with the hotel staff, my parents had to scream to get me and the rest of the girls into OUR bridal suite to change–IT WAS A MESS.

They REALLY dropped the ball. If you’re local + look at these photos–you’ll know who I’m talking about 🙂

One of the greatest lessons I learned that day was not to sweat the small stuff–on your wedding day, it’s SO easy to completely lose your mind. I really didn’t want the BS to mess up this moment for us, so I kind of blocked everything out, put my game face on and ate my Chick Fil A chicken nuggets. It worked wonders. Chick Fil A, if you’re reading this, thank you.

The rest really was kind of magical. I’m so happy we had all of our family/friends present for this crazy day + if I could, I would totally do it again, drama + all.

My dress is by Martina Liana (2016 collection)

Veil & accessories purchased at Sposa Mia Couture in McAllen, Texas

Photography by the AMAZING Jodi Daniel (we love you so much, Jodi!)

Florals by the insanely talented Gaby from Garza’s Flower Shop

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