Vintage Hunt

THURSDAY–it’s almost the weekend again! Seriously, THANK GOD. Things at the office have been a little crazy to say the least. I’m presenting to a very important audience tomorrow + I haven’t really given myself the time to freak out yet. Please send me any good vibes you have–I NEED THEM haha.

A few weeks ago I mentioned a little project I was working on. It’s not 100% ready to go yet, but I wanted to give you all a little insight into it, since it’s something that I can’t wait to get off the ground.

BEHOLD (okay, I’m being a little dramatic with all the medieval words, BUT), very soon, I will be curating the BEST vintage pieces and posting them for sale on my Poshmark (click HERE if you want to follow me).

For the longest time, I’ve always had a passion for clothing of the past–I mean, let’s face it, almost all of today’s coolest brands are pretty much remaking vintage pieces and selling them VERY high. For that reason, I want to bridge that gap by locating the coolest vintage items I can find + offer them at affordable price points.

On my first 3 hour trip to the thrift store, I actually found A TON of cool pieces. Like seriously–Reformation good! I’ll be honest and say that life has got me slacking at the moment, but I’ll be posting my first haul very soon!

To give you a little taste of my vintage aesthetic, this skirt is part of my first haul + will be available VERY soon. Watch this space!


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