I have an interesting little story that goes along with these boots. As cheesy as it sounds, I LOVE clothes that tell stories.

So, picture a very frantic me (mostly because the previous day we had shelled out lots of cash for a private tour of the Louvre, only to be 15 minutes late + miss out on everything without a refund). Yikes, gotta love those Europeans for their timeliness. Anyways, we’re in Venice + I’m having a small freak out because it looks like there’s no way in hell we’ll make it to our already paid for gondola tour. What’s a girl to do?  RUN of course.

YUP–picture me running through the winding streets of Venice in these bad boys. Believe me, I have the scars behind my calves as proof. Ouch–running in combat boots, NEVER a good idea, especially noting the fact that there are no cars/taxis/bikes in Venice–just your good ole legs. But, on the bright side, we made our tour + I was able to purchase some pretty sturdy Italian bandages afterwards.

Speaking of clothes with stories, I’m working on a little something. I’m not quite ready to tell y’all what this project is, but I’m really excited about it + I hope you will be too! I’ll be dropping some hints about it on my IG this weekend. Sending you light + love!


Wearing Mango dress + Zara boots (Shop the boots I’m wearing HERE; more affordable version linked below)

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