After spending a few weeks in Europe, I came to the conclusion that A. European girls do it better and B. they really have a thing for platform sneakers.

Every city we visited, the coolest girls walked down the street clad in minidresses paired with chunky, bright + colorful sneakers. This kind of reminded me of Lily Allen back in her heyday (UGH love her so much)–anyways, as they say, when in Europe, do as the Euros do.

I found my pair inside a Dutch Zara and I feel like I finally get it–they’re so comfy + add a special element to anything you wear them with. While not the easiest thing on this planet to style, they’re fun + unorthodox and I think it’s time I start investing in shoes that aren’t mules for once. LOL My mule obsession is so bad that even the guys at the office ask me if I own any other style of shoe. Whoops.

Today I’m taking a mental health day (what I like to call it LOL), getting over the last part of my cold + doing my best to catch up on EVERYTHING I’m behind on. Wish me luck!

Wearing sweatshirt from souvenir shop, H&M skirt + Zara platform sneakers


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