Getting Lost in Europe

Traveling has ALWAYS been a huge goal of mine. I tried in college once, but let’s face it–when you’re not a big fan of debt and you don’t get much help in the whole financial aid department, really, what’s a girl to do?

When Wayo and I finally got to taking the wedding a little more seriously (believe me, it took LONG haha), there was no question–Europe was the place for us! We’d both dreamed of wandering down the streets, eating endless macarons + croissants, stuffing our face with Belgian fries, etc.

So, without further rambling, here’s a look at our European adventures through the lens of my iPhone 6s, First stop: Paris: 

I’ve wanted to go to Paris pretty much ever since I could say the word. Major shoutout to my husband for taking one for the team + letting this be our first stop. I did give him Amsterdam after all *wink wink*

If you live in the U.S., all you ever hear about Paris is that it’s the city of lights, love, dreams, etc. While I really did love it + tried my best to soak everything in, you know that I like to keep things real. Yes, it’s beautiful + lovely, but it’s definitely not what Hollywood makes it out to be. It’s your typical tourist epicenter filled with locals who are NOT in the mood to deal with Americans. Okay, this may have been my experience (mind you, I did try and use the 2.5 years of French I have under my belt–oui oui), but hot DAMN do the Parisians hate us!

Depending on where you go, they can either tolerate you, be mildly pleasant, or proceed to snark at you/ignore you when you’re trying to order a latte with your nicest s’il vous plait.

Oh, and, I mean no offense with this one (none of us are perfect), but HOLY HELL do some people smell horrific. Of all the cities, B.O. is a very concerning epidemic in the city of love. But hey, I get it, things are different abroad + I know I am extremely lucky to be American + have a glorious shower in my apartment–more on that later.

On a more positive note–I think I’ve cracked the code on French girl chic. The answer? Umm, their stores are WAYYYYYY better than ours (Zara, H&M, etc). So much more selection, unique pieces, etc. This was probably my favorite part of Paris–sitting in one of the street cafes watching stylish people pass me by on their lunch hour. WOW–can they dress! You best believe I hit up the stores + stuffed as much as I could in my suitcases (stay tuned).

Of all thing things we did in France, I fell madly in love with Versailles. My photos are pretty self-explanatory, but seriously, being there was breathtaking. It’s almost if the air there is more pure or something. If you’re ever in France, don’t under any circumstances skip Versailles–you’ll regret it!

While everything may not have been picture perfect on this leg of our trip, (getting lost, missing our prepaid tour of the Louvre + getting COMPLETELY hustled out by one of those ‘unofficial’ taxis LOL) there is a certain j’ai ne sais quoi about Paris–the way of life, the food, the view–I’ll give it to ya Paris, you are quite magical.

Next stop: Amsterdam

While this leg of our trip was all about Wayo, I kinda fell hard for Amsterdam. HOLY SHIT is it beautiful! I really have nothing negative to say other than the fact that it would be really hard for me to live there because there’s Belgian frites stands on literally EVERY corner *drools*

We went on a drunken pizza boat cruise, Wayo did his thing, I drank latte after latte + somehow stumbled upon one of the best shopping experiences I’ve ever had in my life. AMS is where it’s at! Wayo sat on the stairs with all my bags while I proceeded to have what I like to call a “Zara Party.” You get the idea. We walked till we couldn’t anymore, rented bikes + managed to maybe blend in with the locals? Probably not LOL but it was such a great experience!

The highlight of the trip was definitely our visit to the Anne Frank House–WOW. Seriously a must if you’re ever in the area, but buy your tickets in advance like we did! If not, you’ll likely spend about 3 hours in line–not fun.

It was really tough to see what this family went through, where they hid, etc–but it’s kinda beautiful to know that everything they went through is still so relevant today + will truly never be forgotten. Okay, I’ll stop–I was an English major in college y’all!

Overall, Amsterdam is AMAZING–we already want to go back!

Final Stop: Venice

Oh Venezia, while we were on this island for a mere two days, I feel like we got to see so much! Italy truly is an experience that deserves an entire trip devoted to it–whoops on our part.

During our short time in Venice, we wandered the streets (sans Google Maps), literally never stopped eating, and visited a few of its most beautiful sights. Damn, I must say, of all the places we went, Italy definitely has something special about it–not to sound too Disney, but it’s as if there’s magic in the air or something. I’m DYING to explore more of this country ASAP.

Also, a word to the wise, if you’re an animal lover like I am, please try your best and refrain from feeding the birds. Other tourists will get mad at you LOL. So pick a corner off to the side + give them all the potato chips they want! Oh + eat all the gelato you come into contact with–you’ll thank me later.

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