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Is it just me or is this one of the most Mondayest Mondays ever? UGH. Nothing sucks more than having a very relaxing weekend filled with foods you shouldn’t be eating (i.e. my Instagram story) and then blinking and finding yourself sitting at your desk.

On a good note, we were able to shoot some stuff yesterday. Yup, the husband and I are back to #WERK as I like to call it.

Up first is my current obsession with all things sparkly yet minimal:

I just couldn’t say no to this earring set from Fascinating diamonds (shop them HERE). You know me–I like things to be minimal at all times unless I’m feeling a little wild. Then I’ll reach for a gigantic pair of hoops like THESE, cause you know, I’m all about balance.

My ears on the other hand are pretty much dying for a break, but at the moment, I’m just thinking, YOLO.

I’ve been working on some exciting projects behind the scenes + trying to shake things up in my little corner of the web. Ya girl is almost 25 (sigh), so excuse me if I’m a little less enthused these next few weeks. Is it just me or are bdays no longer fun? I mean, the last time I can remember being excited about becoming older was when I turned 18? LOL. Gonna go put on my anti-aging eye mask + wear these earrings around my apartment, BRB.


Wearing H&M pants, TGH top + Mango sunglasses

If you’re looking for a top very similar to mine, I found THIS one 🙂

Shop my outfit here:





This post is in partnership with Fascinating Diamonds. All opinions expressed are my own.

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