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If you follow me on Instagram, it’s likely you’ve seen my dreaded weekly cardio posts. If I have yet to make it abundantly clear at this point, there’s nothing I hate quite more than cardio. Between the boring monotony of it to my headphones constantly getting ripped out of my ears when I back up too far on the treadmill–it SUCKS.

As my wedding has gotten closer (we’re 4 days out now!), I’ve upped the cardio, yet somehow found myself a little less annoyed.

Nothing gets me through a long sweat sesh on the elliptical quite like a good podcast and the new wireless headphones I’ve been testing out from Sudio.

Seriously, so long headphones being violently snatched from my ears when I up the incline (hallelujah)! These earbuds came with various sizes of earpieces making them comfortable, functional + perfect if you’re an extreme clutz like me.

You can go HAM on the bike, wild on the stairmaster or simply watch some Netflix (c’mon, we all want to) without an annoying, tangled cord constantly sitting in your lap.

I’m digging them + I’m also THRILLED that my crazy cardio days are coming to a close. Now to start my juice cleanse. Sigh.


Stay tuned for a special post (+ my final one before the wedding) hitting this space in a bit!

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This post is in partnership with Sudio–All opinions expressed about the product are my own.

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