Man, does it feel good to have content again. I was losing my mind there for a bit–not having time for anything except taking care of my dog and worrying about what to cook for dinner. Yup–I’m kinda living that wifey life already, and while it was rough at the start, I really couldn’t see my life being lived any other way.

Just a quick life update: Wayo and our dog (Pearl) were both feeling sick last week, and I was tired AF but healthy. Then come Thursday, I try a new restaurant with friends . . . happen to be the only one to order beef . . . the next morning I have nonstop stomach pains and a burning/aching in my chest/belly. Yup–I definitely caught something 🙁

I’m heading to the dr tomorrow–wish me luck! On a more positive note, I enjoyed the shit out of the bridal brunch Wayo’s family threw for me (burning chest + all). Everything was so thoughtful and so very ME. I am soooo #blessed and excited to be joining this family! I’ll be uploading more shots from it soon!



Meanwhile we are ALMOST EXACTLY 30 DAYS OUT FROM OUR WEDDING. Is anyone else screaming with me here?

Yeah–things are getting a little REAL around here, so let’s talk about this look, shall we?

Again, product of boredom + the Zara sale (I went on a rant about that HERE), but if you’re a Southern Texan like me, there’s nothing more perfect than a pair of pants with MAJOR slits in them. I mean, WE NEED VENTILATION over here!

In case you’re wondering, that’s how I’ll be embracing fall 😛

Shop satin shoes, pants with slits + more:

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