#ABachToRomember // Tales from NOLA


To get this show on the road, A. I’m sorry it took so long and B. have a got a HELL of a lot to tell you.

I am still recovering from this weekend, but tbh, it was everything I wanted + more. There was culture, drunken debauchery, lots of OOTDs and I have fallen head over heels in love with NOLA.

Prior to my memorable bach weekend, I had NEVER been to NOLA before. Looking back, I’m not sure why I chose NOLA, but I am SO glad I did!

Before I get into the nitty gritty of things, I just wanted to thank my beautiful, crazy friends, for putting all the BS aside and celebrating this crazy time of life with me (you know who you are)! So, let’s get into it shall we?

I will try to keep this short, cause like I said, it was A LOT to take in! I started out on this trip with a SHIT TON of anxiety and terrible stress pain in my back and shoulder thanks to Tropical Storm Cindy. Yep–I was having a meltdown and worrying endlessly that we would drown, our flight would be cancelled, etc. Seems like someone was wishing me well, because the weather was no issue at all (hallelujah!). We got there safe and sound and ready to take on Bourbon St.

Well I’ll be honest, Bourbon won! Y’all, I’m only 24 and I cannot hang anymore! I cannot tell you how many Advils I swallowed this weekend. It’s absurd.

We spent day 1 testing out Cajun food, walking around The Quarter and of course, when the sun went down, we found ourselves at Pat O’Briens downing hurricanes and singing along to the best of the mid 2000s. I almost danced with one of the waiters LOL what can I say, he had the moves.

Day 2 was spent bar hopping, learning a little about VooDoo and again, eating the BEST southern food of my existence! Seriously, I may go back to NOLA soon just so I can eat more gumbo. Oh, and of course Cafe Du Monde happened. The people here are so lovely–so friendly and full of life and just all around uplifting! I mean, there’s nothing sweeter than a stranger genuinely wishing you the best for your upcoming wedding whilst telling you which bar has the best drinks.

To top that evening off, we set out on a drunken ghost tour. Let me tell you, it was AMAZING and quite possibly my favorite part of the weekend. Our tour guide, Mike, is pictured above for reference. I saw a lot of the places on my bucket list (Madame LaLaurie’s mansion aka Kathy Bates’ character from American Horror Story–you should know that I’m very intrigued by the paranormal and have been on an obscene amount of ghost tours–this was by far the BEST experience and plus we had a pitstop at a haunted bar, so go figure). My lacey pants survived the night (yasssss) and we rested up for our final day in NOLA.

Obviously by this point, I was nearly DONE with alcohol. We had a pretty chill day brunching and shopping around–I spent too much time and money at a dog accessories store owned by the cutest British woman I have ever seen!).

Now for the rest of the night, most of it is going in what I like to call THE VAULT. LOL, it started in the gay district of NOLA and ended in a shop that literally only sells fries, chicken tenders and sauces (AKA my dream/worst nightmare).

Overall, I really had the best time! And if you’re curious, while all of this was transpiring my fiance was in Denver with his friends on hikes–see the personality difference there? LOL.

NOLA, I love you dearly. I will be seeing you soon again with my “husband” in tow.


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