Summer Darks

I know I’m probably causing my own pain here, but when it gets ridiculously hot around here, I LOVE wearing darks. I guess I’m still in denial that there’s no actual ‘cool’ weather around here. Oh, you’ve gotta love South Texas, right? Anything for this asymmetrical contraption of a top I’m wearing.


I’m so happy to say that things are FINALLY simmering down. I’m getting back to my yoga/pilates routine, my fiance just finished his Masters degree and I’m making cauliflower pizza tonight. Life is pretty sweet right now. Oh, and my beautiful lil pup is FINALLY moving in with me, so expect a lot of social media coverage. Ah. I wish I was kidding.

If any of y’all have tips on transitioning a small dog from a yard to an apartment, I’d love to hear them! I think my lil nugget will be good because she LOVES being inside + usually has to be physically carried out when we want her to go back to her yard.

Also, yeah, the wedding is 3 MONTHS AWAY. I’m not freaking out too much–but still. This is INSANE. I can’t believe it’s actually happening already. If y’all have any tips on the invitation process, slide into my DMs. That’s about the only thing that’s keeping me up at night haha.

Also, I’ve been on quite the shopping kick lately. Whoops–more on that soon.

Wearing Zara TOP/perhaps it could be a dress too?, old Zara skirt + cheap ass mules (lets be real) // shop below!

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