A Series of Details

I’ve been trying to experiment lately. I have so many ideas for this lil blog, but I feel like they often get lost in between stressful days and the desire to sleep all the time. Whoops.

We had an experimental shoot the other day–I wanted to do something that’s more about the different parts rather than the whole. You get the picture, right? I finally busted out my clear Celine sunnies–that’s how you know when it’s officially summer, am I right?

Here they are in all their glory paired with one of my favorite sundresses. It’s quite old, but I’ve linked a lot off different options below for your viewing pleasure. And last but not least, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to post a picture of my tiny little tattoo–I got it last year on a whim, and honestly, I’m so glad I did. I feel like it was the perfect one to satisfy my 23 yr itch to get one. The only catch is that my parents don’t actually know about it, so I can’t really post about it because they stalk me and would murder me if they found out. Let’s hope they don’t read this blog–I don’t think they do haha *fingers crossed–family if you’re reading this, be nice and don’t tell them*

Wearing Topshop dress, Breath of Youth hat and Celine sunglasses

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