Wearing SheIn blazer (HERE), Elizabeth & James pants & F21 shoes–shop below!

Here lately, I feel like I’ve been going through a bit of a creative rut. Sometimes, I tend to feel like I’m literally glued to my phone (which is true), my eyes ache, my back hurts, and really I just feel like pulling away from everything. Especially those perfectly curated Instagram photos. Not that I’m not a fan/guilty of creating them myself–but over time, it gets overwhelming and let’s be real here, we NEED a break.

It also doesn’t help that I work in social media and it’s part of my job to stare at screens all day long (sigh). But I guess what I’m really trying to say here is that, yes, sometimes I feel like social media is eating my soul. In those times, I back away from things and try to find happiness in the little things such as a perfectly proportioned iced coffee, a new pair of shoes or really just staring at my fiance for a while and thinking, wow, he really likes me LOL.

Another way that I’ve been unwinding lately is by listening to podcasts. I’ve never been a fan of talk shows, but I AM OBSESSED. My favorite is the Him & Her Podcast. I find that their little talks are the perfect anecdote when you’re feeling stressed/overwhelmed/creatively stifled etc.

Also, shopping is a great remedy. I wish I could properly convey how excited I was when I got this blazer hybrid top in the mail and then proceeded to wear it to the grocery store.

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