Pearly Whites

As of late, I’ve had nothing but gingham on my mind to be quite honest. That probably sounds  a little weird, but I’m obsessing over it! One of my favorite purchases has to be this mini. I love it paired with some ruffles or a loose, baggy sweatshirt. And speaking of comfort, you know that I have profound love for the Valley-based fashion boutique, The Style Union. I feel like sometimes they just really get me–just take a look at these slides. You probably saw them on my Instagram a while back–they are the comfiest things on the planet. There’s still a few sizes left too! Shop my pearl-encrusted slides HERE.

I’ll be doing a happy dance for the rest of the day–Friday is upon us! If you need me, I’ll be binge watching The Vampire Diaries Season 8 whilst eating sushi, tacos or both.



This post was in partnership with The Style Union. All opinions expressed are my own.

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