Oh boy, to say things have been tough lately is an understatement. I forgot how tough moving and basically changing every single aspect of your life can be. Thankfully I’ve got online window shopping to get me through this *heads to Zara website*. I’m slowly but surely settling into the Rio Grande Valley–I’ve started working full time (RIP 9 am pilates classes + endless eps of The Bachelor). Having to adjust to all this + the new time crunch has been a little weird, but I’m slowly figuring out how I can still keep the content going and not lose my mind completely.

Thank heavens, I was feeling a little inspired over the weekend and threw some looks together for y’all. As always, and I probably don’t say this enough, I’d love to get more feedback from you! Please don’t hesitate to tell me what stuff you’d like to see more of/if I talk about my boring life too much, etc.

I’m currently running on a giant YETI of iced coffee, spaghetti squash and pure excitement for what all these changes mean for me.

Wearing Grace Coddington tee + corset from The Glasshouse Store (located in Alamo, Tx) + Zara mega flares // get similar stuff here:

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