Athleisure 2.0

As I write this, I am currently SOAKED from a ridiculous rainstorm, freezing and unsure of the location of my debit card. Yeah–it’s one of those days. And I might add that there’s an exceptionally creepy man staring at me as I write this and eat spinach wrap. LOL. Oh boy. I guess on a usual day this would bother me less, but at the moment, I’m hungry, wet, extremely sore from my new pilates class and in NO MOOD for anyone’s bullshit. LOL okay, I’m really taking things seriously these days. I guess it’s because I was wearing my new Matisse mules whilst the storm proceeded to not give a shit about ruining them. I digress.

I think we should definitely focus on this look then. I’ve been a huge believer in track pants for a while. If the fashion world says that they’re chic, I AM ON BOARD. But really I’m on board because they’re comfier than leggings *cries tears of joy*.

I also recently jumped on the giant clear glasses train. I’m a little unsure about this one–Do I look ridiculous, maybe? Do I care? Perhaps not.

Currently going into an afternoon filled with meetings.

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