The Story of Us

One of my “resolutions” (if you will) for 2017, was to open up just a little more. Of course, I’m a firm believer in the fact that mystery is very important in any relationship–namely, mine with you.

In the spirit of Valentine’s and pretty much just because all this wedding planning has been turning me into a huge sap lately–I wanted to share a few snaps from our recent engagement session with Jodi Daniel, as well as the story of us.

I cannot tell you how many people grilled me about what I was going to do for my engagements, what I was going to wear, what Wayo (my fiance) was going to wear, etc. It felt like a literal circus. While I honestly had no clue what direction we’d go in, I wanted something minimal and simple that showcased us for the strange, slightly immature couple that we are. I was BLOWN AWAY by Jodi’s work.

So without further adieu, and my apologies if this post turns out to be freakishly long, here it is: 

During the first few days of 2012, I was feeling lazy and oddly jet-lagged (wtf?) since I had spent the holidays in Arizona. One of my friends begged me to go out with her and some mysterious other people she wouldn’t name. The lazy, Netflix lover in me did not want to go, but for some odd reason I said yes. Little did I know that that night was the end of life as I knew it.

This was during the heyday of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boot (one of the fashion moments I will forever regret). These ridiculous shoes required me to drive barefoot; as I was lacing them up in the parking lot of some sketchy club, my friend along with some other people and 1 guy I had never seen before, approached me. The others said hi and went back to minding their own business; except for that guy I had never met of course. I saw him staring at my shoes (I was like really, another dude who’s gonna ask me why I dress “weird.” Great). But he didn’t say a thing.

The night went on and little by little we began talking. For lack of a better word, I HATED him. So much. He was annoying, cocky and was coming on a little too strong if you know what I mean. But, I danced with him anyways. Country two-step to be exact (we are the two least ‘country’ people you’ll ever meet). Despite all the negatives, something was drawing me to him. It was pretty weird.

After a few drinks, I got a little ballsy and plotted with a friend to DITCH him and leave him at the bar. Yup. We pulled the old “we’re going to the bathroom” and ran out of there as fast as we could. As we were driving away, we saw him walking to his car, proving that we weren’t as clever as we thought (whoops).

I was convinced that that was the last I’d see of him, but a few days later as I began the spring semester of my freshmen year in college, he was EVERYWHERE. From buying sandwiches to simply walking through the courtyard, we kept bumping into each other. To make matters more awkward, 2 of my friends from that night were desperate to set us up.

At this point, I was somewhere between repulsed and playing hard to get (LOL). As mean as I was, I could tell that he was starting to get really annoyed of my attitude. I was pretty much just waiting on him to give up, but all of that changed in an instant. All it really took was 5 minutes; some mysterious force told me to stop being such an asshole, and after 1 simple and real conversation with him, it was as if I had been reunited with a cool old friend who for lack of a better phrase, just got me.

The days turned into months, I moved schools and moved back, lost and gained friends, yet he was hanging in there, supporting me when I needed it the most even though we were technically “friends” who were trying to figure things out. Those months then turned into a 4+ year relationship, and now here we are, 6 months from our wedding day, and I couldn’t be more excited to marry my BFF (and have him formally adopt my dog of course).

As cliche as it is, I guess it’s true that magical things happen when you least expect them to.

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