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Wearing SleepyHeads PJ set

As much as I love real human clothes (AKA stuff that you can wear in society, ya know?), I am so passionate about pajamas. Mainly because A. they are the definition of comfort and B. if I’m wearing them that means that I’m likely binge watching the Vampire Diaries (which I’m 100% okay with). Sleepyheads knows what I’m talking about here.
Of course, not all PJs are created equal. For that reason, I’m not too easy to impress when it comes to comfort level and fabric choice, because let’s face it: pajamas are literally the best thing on this earth, and if they don’t make you feel like 1 million dollars, it’s time to keep searching.
Well, I’m glad to say that my search for the perfect (not to mention chic) set is over thanks to Sleepyheads! From their slightly oversized fit to the softness of the fabric, let me tell you, I am SOLD.
Seriously, come Saturday and Sunday, you can catch me lounging in these all weekend long (with no ragrets of course).
Is it weird that I’m even considering wearing the top with a pair of vintage Levis? Loungewear for the streets, am I right?
If you’re feeling as obsessed as I am, click HERE to get your own pair (you know you want to!)

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