Do As the Wang’s Do



 I’ve always believed things are better late than never, (no, I am not speaking in terms of Drake) so without further adieu, I present a project I have been daydreaming about for nearly a zillion years (and counting), welcome to the Stylish Soul! Having a dozen on and off again fashion blogs in my online history, I hereby fully commit myself to this domain to share my latest obsessions, musings and whatever may come my way.

Exhibit A: these DIY Alexander Wang inspired gladiator-esque sandals I mastered via the incredible mind behind A Pair & A Spare. As I had formerly been one to run to the nearest retailer in search of items that may not be wearable for long (spiked heels, anyone?) and ended up drowning in my own closet, DIY projects have become my savior. Light on the wallet and a match made in heaven for those uneventful rainy days, I have at last mastered the famed concept of quality over quantity (thank goodness!). So with each needle stab and super glue encrusted fingernail, I am one step closer to my dream Celine luggage bag and a totally drop-dead amazing wardrobe.

In the words of Neil Armstrong: “[DIY] is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

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