Gone Thriftin’


I developed a serious case of ‘thrifting fever’ in the months leading up to my recent trip to New York City (currently suffering from extreme withdrawals). In other words, rather than going credit card happy on my usual online cohorts I took several deep breaths and headed to my local Goodwill store in search of treasures from the past. While my experience dabbling in the world of DIY has been filled with complete successes and total blunders (to say the least), as I reflect, the countless ripped hems and hot glue gun disasters have actually been totally worth it. With my DIY awakening in full effect, I present the results of my latest thrifting binge. Although these may appear to be the surviving pieces of a middle-aged soccer dad’s antiquated wardrobe, I can safely say that I have some major plans in the works!

Stay Tuned…

Necklace: Topshop | Loafers: Asos

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